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Prompty specializes in resolving key pain points for coordinators.


Logistics and Participation

Assign in-app tags to participants and customize responsibilities and permissions for your team. Our hands-off gamification features handle prizing and meaningfully engage participants.

Data Security and Consumer Confidence

Prompty offloads privacy protection and security concerns from coordinators by selectively allowing events to utilize its trusted platform.

Improved Engagement and Increased Revenue

Prompty's relationship management features empower coordinators to engage participants meaningfully. Transparent analytics drive increased revenue from sponsors, vendors, and attendees.

You have challenges. We have solutions.


Privacy Breaches

Attendees are increasingly reluctant to share information without adequate security protocols in place to protect their personal data.


Prompty’s highly secure platform provides attendees and coordinators with confidence in its compliance with international government regulations and standards such as SOC 2 and GDPR.


Negative First Impressions

Organizing and distributing name tags is a crucial but tedious task that will create a disappointing experience for attendees if performed poorly.


Prompty offloads the name tag creation and distribution for organizers while providing attendees with an unforgettable and immersive first impression.


Ineffective Advertising

Existing advertising methods are saturated and expensive; It is challenging to remain top of mind for stakeholders before and after an event.


Prompty’s event branded name badges are more than a keepsake; they are functional after the event concludes for everyday use by attendees. They are a novel, effective and lasting advertising opportunity. Events and communities will also be visible in perpetuity on the Prompty platform in several areas, such as the event directory and ”location met” field of an attendee’s connections.


Societal and Regulatory Sustainable

Sustainable alternatives for event products, such as name-badges, that aren’t greenwashing (such as “bio PVC”) are challenging and expensive to source.


Prompty’s name-badges replace attendee’s need for traditional business cards during and after the event, are re-usable for future events, and are available in wood that is both renewable and biodegradable.


Stress Due to Inefficiencies

Managing attendee lists, coordinating documentation, and directing staff is onerous and time consuming.


The coordinator management dashboard consolidates documentation, provides role management solutions, and is exportable to CSV for use with preferred CRM software.


Dirty Data

20% of an organization's data growth, on average, is considered unusable due to changes in user’s information or user input errors.


Attendees are incentivized to maintain their information on the platform as a result of Prompty’s usefulness outside of events. Coordinators can define the information required for attendance, and are able to access the information shared at any time.


Lack of Useful Feedback

Collecting useful feedback from attendees is challenging and time consuming.


Prompty tracks event analytics in real time and allows attendees and other stakeholders to engage with pop-up surveys that provide immediate and accurate feedback. Prompty’s gamification further encourages user engagement and incentives feedback.

Participant engagement with benefits.

Facilitate Meaningful Connection

Attendees can plan their networking from the event directory and use their accounts to build lasting relationships

Efficient Information Management

Intuitive coordinator dashboard provides analytics, automated FAQ’s, and more, which are exportable in CSV format.

Enjoyable and Engaging Gamification

Seamlessly incentivize, monitor, and reward engagement, such as meeting others, visiting vendors, or providing feedback.

Integrated Privacy Protection

Users easily select what information they share on a case-by-case basis utilizing Prompty’s unique pre-set visibility system.

Enhanced Security

Prompty’s SOC 2 Type 2 compliant database and PIPEDA  compliance ensures that user’s information is secure.

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Prestigious conferences

Networking events

Markets or collectives

Community directories (ex. churches or clubs)

Many more!

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