Networking the way it should be

The most efficient, enjoyable, and secure platform to exchange information and make meaningful connections.

Networking the way it should be

The most efficient, enjoyable, and secure platform to exchange information and make meaningful connections.


Trying to remember names can feel awkward

Actually remembering them is not.

Initiate conversations confidently and make others feel truly valued using Prompty’s features designed to help you recall names instantly.

Sharing personal information can be frightening

It isn't with those you trust.

Share as much information with others as you feel comfortable with utilizing Prompty’s secure and trusted platform. Prompty’s unique “visibility” settings allow you to easily edit the information that you have shared with others individually at any time.


Make meaningful connections using Prompty in 3 easy steps



Create your free Prompty digital profile and set up your privacy and visibility settings.



Others can tap their phone to your Prompty card or scan your QR code within the web-app to view your profile. If they have a Prompty account, you will be immediately added to each other's ‘pending connections’; otherwise, they can input their name and e-mail to instantly create an account and form a connection. No downloads or installed apps are required.



Experience the authenticity of face-to-face communication. Afterwards, view their profile and make notes to preserve significant details.

Meaningful connection with benefits.


No downloads or applications required from either party. Easily accessible on any device with a web browser.

Secure Data Handling

Assured protection of personal information with Prompty’s SOC-2 compliant database.

Free to Use Platform

Easily onboard and meet others using Prompty.

Trusted Service

Improved trust through Prompty’s advertisement free model that promises to never sell user’s personal data without consent.

Two-Way Connection

Receive and manage other’s information instantly if they have a free Prompty account.

Enhanced Data Integrity

Easy-to-update contact information to share and retain reliable and accurate contact details.

Face-to-Face Engagement

Significantly reduces environmental waste compared to traditional business cards or name-badges.

Eco-Friendly Networking

Significantly reduces environmental waste compared to traditional business cards or name-badges.

Improved Follow-up

Connect with others using the preferred methods or platforms displayed on their profile.

Gain “Primary” connections through real-world interactions

With Prompty, you become the non-fungible-token.

Reliable features for genuine connection

Integrated Privacy Protection

Easily select what information you share on a case-by-case basis utilizing Prompty’s unique pre-set visibility system.

Comprehensive Contact Management

Create private personalized notes directly onto contact’s cards and manage an unlimited number of connections.

Efficient Information Management

Information sharing is securely automated through instant two-way connections and exportable into CSV and VCF format.

Psychological Recall Tools

Date and location met, color categorization, and profile customization improve your ability to recall personal information.

Enhanced Security

Prompty’s SOC 2 Type 2 compliant database and PIPEDA compliance ensures that your information is always protected.

Be prepared to form genuine connections

Be part of the first 10,000 to receive in-app pioneer badge!

Relationship management has never been easier

Want to connect securely with others?

Facilitate and foster meaningful connections

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions. We planned for that.

Is Prompty in the app store?

Prompty is a web-app. This means that it is accessible on any device with a web browser and does not exist on the app store. Being a web-app allows users to connect without any downloaded apps or installed software. Additionally, web-apps allow for a consistent user experience between desktop, mobile, and tablets.

What does the word ‘beta’ mean on the web-app?

Prompty is in the beta testing phase. The platform was tested successfully in a midsized event setting in May 2023, and additional features and design components are being tested in its current limited release. Users are encouraged to provide feedback, suggestions, and encouragement at the bottom of the FAQ page on the web-app on

Do I need a Prompty card to use Prompty?

Nope! Prompty is a web-app; you can share your profile with others anytime by having them scan your QR code located in the “share” menu. A Prompty card is supplemental and removes the need to use your phone to display a QR code. With a Prompty card, others can view your Profile and connect with you by simply pressing their smartphone against it.

Is Prompty truly free?

Yes, Prompty accounts are completely free. Prompty does not sell your data, it requires no purchase to use the service, and its business model is not dependent upon selling your attention to advertisers. Prompty’s funding model is diverse and includes freemium offerings (optional subscriptions), the sale of physical products (Prompty cards and name badges), and event services. It is our hope that the funding raised through these features will be sufficient to keep user accounts free forever.

Who can access my Prompty profile?

The information that you upload to your profile is controllable through your preset visibility settings (full view, limited, and restricted). Your default profile, which you can change in the “profile” menu, is only visible to users that you personally connect with, the event administrators for the events that you register for, and a select number of Prompty staff who maintain the database.

How safe is my information?

Prompty will never share or sell your personal information without your consent. For example, if you register for an event with your Prompty profile, you consent to the required information being shared with that event. You can view Prompty’s privacy policy at the bottom of this page.  

Each Prompty profile is stored on the encrypted Edge network and the SOC2 compliant Supabase platform. All customer data is encrypted at REST with AES-256 and in transit via TLS, and sensitive information such as tokens and passwords are encrypted at the application level before it is ever stored in the database (

What information am I required to share?

The only information that you are required to share on your Prompty profile is your name. You are welcome to include additional information if you’d like, such as your e-mail, social media links or phone number. Feel free to include whatever contact methods that you would include on a business card.

What does the name “Prompty” mean?

Prompty is “promptly” without the L. It is faster and easier to say “Prompty”, which embodies our mission to facilitate effortless, meaningful connections. Additionally, users receive a prompt when viewing someone’s profile by tapping their card or scanning their QR code.