The Future of Networking

At Prompty, our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to create effortless, meaningful connections. We are believed to be the world's first social and professional networking platform grown solely through physical interactions.

We strive to become the go-to networking tool for individuals and organizations worldwide, enabling users to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships that can positively impact their lives and the world around them.

Prompty's features include instantly sharing and receiving contact information, choosing what you wish to share with others on an individual basis, making personalized notes to help you remember details of who you've met, and more!

Create a free Prompty account by joining the beta to see what all the hype is about. Start growing your list of meaningful connections today!

How To Use Prompty


Set-up your profile with information that you want to share with those you meet. Include social links, your website, a profile photo, and more!


At the event, you will receive a Prompty nametag. It is the same size and shape of a credit card. After the event, you can put it into your wallet and use it as a digital business card.


To ‘connect’ with people at the event, simply press your phone to their nametag to view their profile. You will both now be added to each others ‘my connections’.


People that you meet will be added to the ‘my connections’ on your profile. You can now view their profiles at any time. Hooray!


View the event directory and get an idea of who you may wish to meet. You can view their full profiles from the directory page once you have added them to your ‘my connections’.


Explore the ‘FAQ’ and the ‘Contact’ page for any questions or concerns you may have. New features are being added daily, so stay tuned!

Networking Made Easy

  • Press your phone’s NFC reader to a Prompty nametag to connect through the web app. No previous app or download is required.
  • If you have an Android phone, turn on ‘NFC’ in the settings menu prior to the event.
  • iPhones 7–X require a free app to read NFC tags, such as ‘NFC & RFID for iPhone’.
  • iPhones older than 2016, or that have issues scanning, can use the QR code to connect.
App screenshot

Upcoming Features

Import profiles into your phone contacts
Prompty is developing the feature to import profiles as phone contacts on iPhone and Android devices. This will be available to anyone you meet, as well as anyone previously met under your ‘my connections’ page.
Improved customization
The ability to crop profile pictures, switch between light/dark mode, change color layouts, and more. The ability to add notes to existing connections, such as “has a dog named Douglas”, is also being developed.
Multi-use functionality
Currently, only one profile is viewable when the Prompty is tapped. The ability to have multiple profiles or to redirect to a different place entirely (such as a survey or website) will be added.
Organizer and individual analytics
Event organizers and individuals will be able to view analytics, such as the number of NFC taps vs QR scans, most popular social media links, etc. The ability to export your connections into CRM programs or a digital address book is also being developed.
Profile sharing and onboarding
When used as a digital business card outside of events, Prompty will make it easy for individuals scanning the card to create a profile and order a Prompty card for themselves. Incentivization programs are being explored.
Messaging in-app
Being able to message conference attendees that you desire to meet is in development. This feature will allow for in-app communication and be beneficial at large events, where meeting everyone in attendance is unlikely.